Project X

Behind every picture is a different kind of story.
Four years from concept to actualization, Glass and Water is finally ready.

I’ve always enjoyed hearing the inside story about a photographer’s adventures with wildlife. The unknown flip side to the narrative depicted by an image. Wildlife photography has so many hidden aspects to it. Often, the image you end up with belies the reality of what’s going on behind the lens.

In many ways, this is what Glass and Water is about. It’s the first book of its kind to explain the skill set needed for freediving specifically for underwater photography. It covers all the essentials in three detailed, logical parts: Equipment & Basics, Techniques and lastly, Perspectives.

Like every good story, there’s a journey of discovery along the way. Four years immersed in Project X (as I affectionately named my part in it all), has had its moments. Triumphs and set-backs both! As its principal photographer, I worked with Mark in both temperate and tropical waters to deliver images that support his text. Just as well I’m up for a challenge! This really has been a fabulous, if not at times frustrating project. Producing photographs that are both creative yet straight forward in their message has had us brainstorming into the early hours.

The book is beautifully laid out - kudos to Alex Gibson, a superb publisher - with useful graphics and wonderful images throughout. There are contributions from experts in the field with images and insights from other accomplished freediving photographers. You will come to know, if you’re new to the UK underwater photographic scene, that behind the lenses are a passionate group of individuals. Comrades in arms, who have without exception, come up trumps for Glass and Water. My sense of kinship runs deep!

Comprehensively written, the chapters cover all of the fundamentals and more, laying the foundation to help you successfully take great pictures. These include: Freediving Equipment for Underwater Photography; Photographic Equipment; Underwater Photography Basics; Challenges and Opportunities for Freedivers; Lungcraft; Finning; Descents and Ascents; Neutral Buoyancy; Hydrodynamics; Safety; Creature by Creature; A Virtual Dive; Behind the Lens; a Foreword by Dan Bolt; a Glossary and a few extras. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you will find it invaluable.

In recent years, I’ve adopted many of the lessons contained within the book. So I have first-hand experience of the positive effect they have had on my image taking. Naturally, I'm thrilled that two of them feature on the cover. More than that, this book is a generous offering to anyone who loves the water, freediving and taking pictures. It bridges the gap for photographers who typically shoot on SCUBA, and for those new to the game - - it's a must have gem.

I should know, after all, I've had the very best instructor!

Glass and Water is available through Amazon, Dived Up (publisher) and Mark Harris @ Subscenic.