It is beyond exciting to be part of the incredible team working to contribute content for Google Earth's Ocean Layer. Every aspect of this ambitious project is philanthropic and contributory. The team ranges from important international NGOs, National Geographic and government agencies to individual contributors, oceanographers, scientists, divers and photographers in the field. The key is that we all share a passion for the ocean and the life within it.

As an ‘Explorer of the Oceans Story Contributor’, I collaborate with the Sylvia Earle Alliance and their Mission Blue project by submitting compelling images, perspectives and updates from my expeditions as a diver. Though the images and stories told in Oceans, Google Earth are geographically based, they even so are representative of the bigger picture - larger stories that are global in nature.

Google Oceans

Content falls into themes to do with ecosystems, marine life, the ocean and atmosphere, science and exploration, human connections and marine protected areas. Collectively, this vital data paints a true picture of the importance of the ocean realm and its living resources.

Google Earth’s Ocean Layer is an interactive vision which allows the viewer to be taken on a virtual dive experience. One that shows the life that exists in our watery domain, teaches why it matters and explains how we are all connected to and dependent upon this blue heart of our world.


So dive in! Explore the world beneath the waves and help to make a difference. Discover what lies beneath the ice and water of our amazing planet, how and why the ocean is changing and most importantly, what we can do to help protect it.

Watch a short video about Oceans here

You can find my curated, polished nodes in Oceans via Google Earth itself. Currently they feature in the Egyptian Red Sea, Galapagos, Bahamas, Florida, Kenya, Gibraltar and the Philippines. You find them by clicking on the tiny circular icons that appear the closer you zoom into the ocean realm.

Happy hunting! But to get you fired up, there are three just to the north of Grand Bahama island, in the turquoise ocean ...

Butterflies In Inner Space - Red Sea (Hamata)
Tipping The Balance - Gibraltar
Myth Of The Mermaid - Florida (Crystal River)
Awaken The Crouching Tiger - Bahamas
Grooming In The Gloom - Philippines (Malapascua Island)
Nourish The Prowling Tiger - Bahamas
Subterranean Sunshine - Philippines (Coron)
Imp Of Darkness - Galapagos (Isla Fernandina)
The Plankton Feeder - Red Sea (Marsa Alam)
This Is Bat Country - Red Sea (Hamata)
Rainbow Trees - Philippines (Dumaguete)
Through The Looking Glass - Red Sea (Lahami)
Ghosts On The Beach - Kenya (Tiwi, South Coast)
Life In A Blue Dream - Bahamas

Onwards and deeper!

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