The Night Watch

Moonshine and magic.
Strange things happen when you exist in two places at once. Physical self happily ensconced by a tropical beach while your jetlagged body clock is stuck in some kind of limbo-like parallax. The moon is out and riding high. Bright beams of light bounce off the skin of the ocean and like a sleepwalker, you find yourself at the water’s edge. It’s 4:00 in the morning and the subterranean world is yours.

For all sorts of reasons, it has become my favourite time to dive.


I get excited
Chasing down moonbeams
Just out of reach
Wherever I go

I get spatial
Floating with moonbeams
Lost in a galaxy
Far from home

I get sensation
Dancing on moonbeams
In a cosmic blueshift
Under the stars

I get subterranean
Hiding from moonbeams
Immersed in deep water
Without any light

I get thirsty
Drinking in moonbeams
Through wormholes and quantum
Weightless in space


Photographed in Bonaire. ISO200. f/14. 1/200secs. 60mm lens. Twin INON S2000's. Red light - Light & Motion